• @abstract (synonyms: @virtual)This member must be implemented (or overridden) by the inheritor.
  • @accessSpecify the access level of this member (private, package-private, public, or protected).
  • @aliasTreat a member as if it had a different name.
  • @asyncIndicate that a function is asynchronous.
  • @augments (synonyms: @extends)Indicate that a symbol inherits from, and adds to, a parent symbol.
  • @author - Идентифицирует автора, создавшего данный код.
  • @borrowsThis object uses something from another object.
  • @callbackDocument a callback function.
  • @class (synonyms: @constructor)This function is intended to be called with the "new" keyword
  • @classdescUse the following text to describe the entire class.@constant (synonyms: @const)Document an object as a constant.@constructsThis function member will be the constructor for the previous class.@copyrightDocument some copyright information.@default (synonyms: @defaultvalue)Document the default value.@deprecatedDocument that this is no longer the preferred way.@description (synonyms: @desc)Describe a symbol.@enumDocument a collection of related properties.@eventDocument an event.@exampleProvide an example of how to use a documented item.@exportsIdentify the member that is exported by a JavaScript module.@external (synonyms: @host)Identifies an external class, namespace, or module.@file (synonyms: @fileoverview, @overview)Describe a file.@fires (synonyms: @emits)Describe the events this method may fire.@function (synonyms: @func, @method)Describe a function or method.@generatorIndicate that a function is a generator function.@globalDocument a global object.@hideconstructorIndicate that the constructor should not be displayed.@ignoreOmit a symbol from the documentation.@implementsThis symbol implements an interface.@inheritdocIndicate that a symbol should inherit its parent's documentation.@innerDocument an inner object.@instanceDocument an instance member.@interfaceThis symbol is an interface that others can implement.@kindWhat kind of symbol is this?@lendsDocument properties on an object literal as if they belonged to a symbol with a given name.@licenseIdentify the license that applies to this code.@listensList the events that a symbol listens for.@member (synonyms: @var)Document a member.@memberofThis symbol belongs to a parent symbol.@mixesThis object mixes in all the members from another object.@mixinDocument a mixin object.@moduleDocument a JavaScript module.@nameDocument the name of an object.@namespaceDocument a namespace object.@overrideIndicate that a symbol overrides its parent.@packageThis symbol is meant to be package-private.@param (synonyms: @arg, @argument)Document the parameter to a function.@privateThis symbol is meant to be private.@property (synonyms: @prop)Document a property of an object.@protectedThis symbol is meant to be protected.@publicThis symbol is meant to be public.@readonlyThis symbol is meant to be read-only.@requiresThis file requires a JavaScript module.@returns (synonyms: @return)Document the return value of a function.@seeRefer to some other documentation for more information.@sinceWhen was this feature added?@staticDocument a static member.@summaryA shorter version of the full description.@thisWhat does the 'this' keyword refer to here?@throws (synonyms: @exception)Describe what errors could be thrown.@todoDocument tasks to be completed.@tutorialInsert a link to an included tutorial file.@typeDocument the type of an object.@typedefDocument a custom type.@variationDistinguish different objects with the same name.@versionDocuments the version number of an item.@yields (synonyms: @yield)Document the value yielded by a generator function.

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